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Terms of Wholesale Partnership: We look forward to partnering with you and to ensuring your rapid sell-through of your inventory hand-in-hand with patient/client satisfaction! In order to make the market place a fair and viable one for all partners, we require that all sales partners must sell BeautyScoop at the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $70/canister. There are to be no discounts or promotions without the express written permission of Opus Skincare, LLC. Manufacturer's monthly promotions may be offered on www.BeautyScoop.com/store/ and all partners will be able to offer the same promotions during the same time period if they so desire. By no means is this a requirement. Most promotions simply offer free shipping. All wholesale orders placed will be presumed to be with the full acceptance of the terms of this agreement and the intention to abide by these terms. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please contact us at 212.861.1212 or 800.398.5020. We look forward to your success! The BeautyScoop Sales Team KNOW better beauty. Beauty is Power! Drink it in. All sales partners will be bound to the terms of this agreement.
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